SageNote Listings
Whitepaper Listings
A written AR knowledge repository serves many functions in an AR organization:
  • A quick ramp-up for individuals new to AR
  • Best practices for seasoned AR professionals
  • Data points on the impact of AR for executives

ASG provides both bottom-line oriented SageNotes and in-depth WhitePapers for our clients.

SageNotes are one to four page research papers that focus on best practices, decision frameworks, tactical guidelines, case studies, events, strategic planning and tutorials. In effect, SageNotes serve as AR 101.

Whitepapers are in-depth 5-15 page research papers that focus on strategic AR issues and provide detail regarding the AR frameworks and best practices developed through ASG’s strategic analyst relations and operational effectiveness research.

Each paper defines the business-relevant impacts of a critical aspect of AR operations (e.g., identifying key analysts, developing an outcomes-focused analyst outreach plan, or integrating AR with the sales organization) and offers specific, pragmatic, and proven best practice processes for maximizing AR’s value.

Our WhitePapers include:
  • Consumers Guide to Market Share Numbers
  • Revisiting the Analyst List
  • Gaining and Cultivating Executive Sponsorship
  • Components of Effective AR Planning
  • The AR-PR Dilemma