Influencer Importance
AR organizations strive to disseminate the most pertinent and timely information throughout their sales organization. Arming the sales team with analysts’ insights can assist in risk management and leverage positive analyst commentary. For the AR team, this is a balancing act between providing the right information (key analyst opinions) and too much information(that is not easily readable). Responses to reports that prominently feature your company or a competitor (especially when the report includes very positive or very negative sentiment) should concisely address the implications of the research on technology buyers and provide specific actions for the sales team.
ASG’s Silver Bullets Service

Tracks the analyst research and flags only the most critical research reports that could impact your company’s sales opportunities. ASG provides context as to how sales should consider using this information to mitigate sales risk or accelerate a sales cycle. Most importantly, this information is provided to you within 72 hours and concisely addresses the implication of the research on technology buyers and provides specific guidance as to how the written research should be used by sales.