Sample Training Agenda – Leveraging Analyst Perceptions
Sample Training Agenda – AR Program Management
Research and recommendations from industry analysts are second only to peer group influence in impacting the purchasing decisions of technology buyers. This powerful group of market influencers must be effectively and proactively managed by a well informed AR team.

AR training is critical if you:
  • Are a part of the AR team,
  • Interact with the analysts in a non-AR capacity,
  • Produce material consumed by the analysts, or
  • Use or are impacted by analyst opinions/research in sales.

ASG builds an AR training curriculum that is modular to support the training of the core AR team and members of the extended team, while recognizing that each individual brings a different level of pre-existing knowledge and experience.
AR Training Program
ASG’s AR Training Program allows you to:
  • Develop your AR teams’ capabilities to identify influential analysts and to shape their perceptions
  • Enhance your AR team’s ability to provide timely and powerful sales support
  • Expand your AR team’s ability to leverage analyst insights with product management and product marketing to improve the company’s products, strategies, market messages, and market position
  • Focus the AR training to a specific audience (e.g., spokesperson training, sales training, executive training).

ASG’s AR Training is available onsite or as web-based training for AR teams, spokespeople, sales, and executives.