Sample Analyst Ranking, Tiering and Gap Analysis
An effective AR Plan should be: actionable, reasonable, measurable, and have buy-in from key players and executives. ASG offers the following services to assist in building your AR Plan:.
Analyst Ranking, Tiering and Gap Analysis Project

In order to build and execute an actionable AR Plan, you must know which analysts hold the most influence over your market and your buyers. With the ever changing analyst landscape, a periodic fine tuning of your analysts list helps maintain both AR momentum and leverage up-and-coming influencers.

ASG’s Analyst Ranking, Tiering and Gap Analysis Project accomplishes this by combining your input with our own proprietary research, and analyzing your requirements with our analyst database. Next, we set parameters for segmented tiers and determine the best fit for your markets. The end result is a ranked and tiered analyst workbook ready made for your team and for your executives.

The AR Plan
An AR Plan is essential to gaining executive sponsorship for AR initiatives and for enabling you to organize and prioritize the myriad tasks that besiege you every day. An effective AR plan clearly articulates the goals and objectives of the program and identifies the strategies, programs, and major activities that will be accomplished during the plan period.

The AR Plan defines specific activities to be performed to recruit, manage, and engage executives in the AR process. It provides specific and pragmatic operations parameters regarding definition and management of analyst lists, analyst support service levels, sales interaction, and program performance measurement.

ASG’s AR Plan engagement delivers your complete AR Plan including:
  • AR Goals – A prioritized list of AR goals with discussion, the primary deliverable of the engagement.
  • AR Plan and Balanced Scorecard - This includes the major programs that the AR team will focus upon over one year's time.
  • ASG AR Program Assessment – This is a set of overall recommendations for increasing the value of your Analyst Relations Program.
  • Tailored Deliverables – Depending upon the processes that become part of the AR Plan during the workshop, specific process templates and tools will be provided to support your AR Plan.