Solution Roadmap

ASG focuses on moving our clients from activities-focused programs centered on internal company events (e.g. product launch or press tour) to outcomes-focused programs, driven by analyst needs, that impact the company’s top line and garner strong executive support.

Our sole concentration is Analyst Relations. We provide focused solutions in the following areas:

On Demand AR Support

The ASG Inquiry program provides strategic and tactical support as you build, execute, and update your AR program.

Measuring AR Effectiveness
AR Metrics and Measurement

A series of engagements which assist AR in quantifying your analysts’ impact on purchase decisions, AR’s impact on the analysts, and AR’s contribution to internal decision-making and sales opportunities.

Monitoring Analyst Research & Opinion

A suite of engagements that capture the analysts’ opinions of your company, markets, and competitors as expressed by the analysts’ written and spoken word.

Understanding the Technology Buyer

A worldwide survey of ITO/LOB executives, directors, and managers to determine: which entities carry the greatest influence at each stage of the sales cycle, which analyst firms carry greatest influence and which communication channels create the greatest impact.

Improving AR Efficiency
Focused Analyst Outreach

A suite of AR focused engagements that include The AR Plan and the Analyst Ranking, Tiering and Gap Analysis Project.

AR outreach (key interactions and events)

These engagements prepare all AR team members for your analyst interactions whether they be analyst roadshows, analyst on-site visits and presentation, analyst consulting sessions, analyst firm conference and symposia attendance, and/or key briefings

AR Training

Onsite, webinar, and web-based on-demand training for AR teams, extended teams (e.g., spokesperson training), sales organizations, and executive briefings. Each training engagement is tailored to the specific knowledge level or your AR constituents.

Supporting Sales
Sales Tools

ASG offers our “Silver Bullets” to assist you in disseminating the most pertinent analyst research to your sales organization within 72 hours of publication.